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The following “frequently asked questions” segment is intended to help our viewers to have a more comfortable idea of what it is like to hunt with us here at Flynt Farms Upland Hunting and to quickly acquire valuable information. Hope it helps!

  1. 1) Mention of a motel list is made in your do I obtain such a list and what is included?
  1. Answer: Our motel list is excluded from our website because of the many updates, price changes, and special rates offered from time to time. It is just easier to keep it as a separate list and sent out by request to our serious inquiries. We will be happy to send out as an attachment by email, mail, or go over the list with you by phone if you prefer. The motels listed are in Liberal, KS. Liberal, KS is a twenty-five minute drive from farm headquarters. The motels listed are in no order of preference and are not the only motels in Liberal, but are merely those we are more familiar with or known to be used and enjoyed by past hunters. Additional motels and information about Liberal, KS may be found on our homepage under ‘Links of Interest’. Use this list to budget your hunting trip and to obtain phone numbers and information that suits your individual taste. Our hunters are responsible for obtaining their own reservations.
  1. 2) What does Liberal and the surrounding area offer aside from great hunting?
  1. Answer: Liberal, KS is just three miles across the Oklahoma border and is one of the major commerce cities in the area. It has several chain motels and restaurants as well as a Super Walmart (N. side) where a wide variety of hunting gear, ammo, and Oklahoma hunting licenses may be obtained. Liberal and the surrounding communities work hard to cater to the needs of our bird hunters and make a strong effort to make each feel welcome. Other nearby communities include, Hooker, OK., Guymon, OK., and Perryton, TX. More information about some of these cities may be viewed under the section of ‘Links of Interest’ on our homepage. We would be happy to tell more about our area when you inquire to hunt.
  1. 3) What additional insight can you give me about how your operation works and what can we expect upon arrival?
  1. Answer: First timers will obtain a detailed set of directions to our place and can set their time of arrival to the farm at their leisure. Hunting may begin as early as 7:30 a.m., but is often quite dark yet and not easy to distinguish hens from roosters at that time. To help in this area, we require upon your arrival, the first morning only, a 15-20 minute Orientation Session over a cup of coffee and talk about safety issues, hunting strategies, determine levels of experience, and special needs. This way we know a little more about you and you learn more of what is expected to make for a successful hunt. Safety is of utmost importance and we will make every effort to insure that this is not compromised.
  1. 4) Is alcohol consumption allowed at any time on Flynt Farms or any of its leases?
  1. Answer: Absolutely not, and will insure a quick exit from the hunting party and all remaining hunting time will be forfeited. Smoking is allowed only on the roadways, and not in the fields.
  1. 5) How do I go about setting up a reservation to hunt?
  1. Answer: First of all, contact us about our available dates because we do not accept walk-ons except to inquire for a reservation. Our hunts are based on a two-day event. When a mutually agreeable date is settled, we allow up to ten days for a cashier’s check to arrive in the mail for the amount equal to $150.00 (or 50%) x (the number of hunters). Upon receipt we will send confirmation and request names and addresses of each party member. When we receive all the information you are set, and the remaining balance of the hunt is due upon arrival.
  1. 6) What other expenses am I responsible for besides the guide service?
  1. Answer: Each hunting party member is responsible for obtaining a valid Oklahoma hunting license upon the farm. We do not sell licenses but they are required by Oklahoma law. Other hunting party responsibilities include, lodging, transportation from lodging to the farm, and your own guns and ammo. Depending upon the party size, we can provide most, if not all transportation needs during the hunt. Guns are available at no extra charge should yours malfunction.

  2. We provide your lunch while in the field and clean and freeze pack your game. Time needs to be allowed to clean game on closing out the second day before departure. Tips are welcome.
  1. 7) Do you release any pen-raised birds?
  1. Answer: To date, we have never had to release any pen-raised birds. We specialize in native birds only and therefore take measures to not over hunt our game. We limit our hunts to eight quality hunts per season and our hunting parties to no more than eight members. Note therefore that we cannot guarantee daily limits and we must hunt cocks only. All other rules apply pertaining to pheasant hunting as set by Oklahoma law. We are subject to all the forces against game reproduction and weather, but that is the nature of the hunt. If filling your bag every time is important to you then we suggest you seek a commercial operation that caters to that need. We have enjoyed tremendous success since our inception and our goal will always be to do everything in our power to help you find wild birds. Our philosophy has been to create habitat and help provide other needs that help meet reproduction requirements and the native birds will take care of the rest.

  2. We did not decide one day that we would guide pheasant hunters for a fee, this was a well planned process that began as early as 1988 with considerable effort and expense.
  1. 8) Do you allow hunters to bring their own dogs?
  1. Answer: Yes, with emphasis on trained to pheasant dogs. A good quail dog does not necessarily mean that it will perform well with pheasants. Pheasants like to run and will often do so out from under the point of a dog. This is frustrating to many dogs and will cause them to sometimes pursue a pheasant and flush well out of gun range. Control is the issue. It is also advised that a dog be broke to not give chase to the plentiful rabbit supply.
  1. 9) What size of ammo and gun gauge do you suggest for your hunters?
  1. Answer: My blanket reply for most hunters is a size 4 or 5 shot and a 12 gauge gun. Most of our hunters are more successful with this combination over say a 7 ˝ shot and smaller gauge gun because of the role that distance plays on the knockdown power required for a larger bird. This is especially true, as the hunts become later in the season and the birds become more hunter savvy and flush further out of range. Many hunters are frustrated to find a pheasant has recovered from a ‘knockdown’, and has managed the strength to run a safe distance away and escape. Dogs are helpful, but in our dry climate an escaping bird does not often leave a hot scent trail.

  2. Magnum power is a personal preference; I have seen much success with or without. It is learned by some that have hunted with us that a much longer shot can be made with success with the larger shot than the shooter is accustomed to taking. Our theory is, “The more lead you can put in the air, the more likely a bird will fall.” Just like basketball, you cannot score unless someone shoots.
  1. 10) Are hunters sometimes able to take a mixed bag including quail?
  1. Answer: Yes, with self-imposed limits. Although our original intent was to establish a dependable quail population years ago with our habitat creation, our result has decidedly leaned to the pheasants. Quail as many of you know, are a fragile species and succumb to many uncontrollable factors including weather and disease. Pheasants have risen as the most hardy of the two and are more stable year-in and year-out.

  2. As seen in our photo section, there are a number of quail taken along with the pheasants, but they are not our specialty nor emphasis.

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