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Over 20 years of private invitation-only hunting has given way to provide opportunity to those who have driven by Flynt Farms and wished that some day they might enjoy the pheasant bounty as well. Native fast-flying pheasant abound in a diverse terrain of grain fields both irrigated and dry land, CRP, fence rows, playa bottoms, and over ten years of wildlife shrub and tree plantings. Flynt Farms is proud to have been recognized as Texas County's Conservationist of the Year in 1996, and our operation encompasses over 3400 acres of crops, grass, and fallow land. Crops include corn, grain sorghum, wheat, oats and forage sorghums. Over 3,000 trees and shrubs have been planted in a long range effort to improve the habitat suitable for both preserving and propagating wildlife in the area. The plantings, especially in adverse winter weather are very effective in attracting pheasants and many other birds for protection and food. Know without question that your hunting dollars will help to contribute even further in this quest towards wildlife conservation. In years of abundant fall moisture, waterfowl is plentiful on our large playa lake bottoms. Other wildlife often seen include dove, rabbit, quail, coyotes and occasionally deer.

Our goal is to continue to strive to blend effectively quality wildlife hunting and production agriculture and prove that both can exist in harmony with each other. We are working hard to see that our wildlife not only have the essential habitat to exist, but have the carrying capacity to build and enhance their reproductive efforts and preserve the numbers for future generations to come.


"Good Work Boys,
set a rooster the next time"

Proud "Duke" After Retrieve

(Proud "Duke" after retrieve)



Motels are available within a 20 minute drive at either Liberal, KS or Hooker, OK. Call or write for a list of selections and rates. A lunch pack will be provided on full day hunts, and your game will be dressed and freeze packaged for your return trip. A professional taxidermist is available at additional charge for that trophy bird to preserve memories of your hunt with us for many years to come. Your trained dogs are welcome or we can provide our own at your discretion. Extra firearms are available should yours malfunction. A 4-wheeler is available for transportation only.

Our fields range in size from 5 acres to 320 acres. We suggest that groups of 4 to 8 work best, depending on how much ground your party expects to cover and the physical condition of each member. It is important to know your limitations. Condition yourself ahead of the hunt; do not make this the one physical activity you accomplish in a year.


Rates & Reservations

All in field services will be charged at the rate of $150.00/gun/day for a two day minimum hunt. A valid Oklahoma hunting license must be secured before you arrive upon our place. A Hunter Safety Certificate is required of any one born after 1-1-72.

To secure a hunting date requires a 50% deposit. We accept reservations on a first-come, first-serve basis. If a hunting party makes contact with us and a date has been agreed to, then we will hold that date for no longer than ten days before placing back on market. Absolutely no refunds on a deposit, but can apply towards a date the next season. We require a group be a minimum of four hunters and a maximum of eight. If your group is smaller than our requirement, then we reserve the right to combine or add to a group as needed.

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Please e-mail or call to be added to our mailing list, or to have a motel list and/or brochure sent to you.
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Flynt Farms address:  Rt. #2, Box 75 Turpin, OK 73950
Farm Phone:  (580) 778-3556
Voice Mail:  (580) 778-3556        Cellular:  (580) 539-1978

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