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January 31, 2008

2007-2008 Season End Report:

Few words cannot begin to describe the pheasant season we find coming to an end today. In short, it has been phenomenal and exceeded our expectations and set new records in every measure. We have met and hunted with a great number of first-timers here at Flynt Farms this year because the bird numbers allowed us to expand our hunts to new heights. How do I know? My feet show the calluses and the wear of every pass through the fields. It is a pleasurable pain however as can be managed because it was spent with people like you that share a love of the outdoors and the pursuit of the wild wing shooting we offer. I extend a heartfelt thanks to each of you for the effort to establish a hunting party which I know can be difficult at times. Work schedules, family conflicts, and even weddings and funerals can become great obstacles to overcome. Weather issues can come into play as well as some of you found out but fortunately we were able to work out.

Success breeds new issues however, and that brings us to another reason I am writing. In this business there is the constant management of both wildlife and the hunter. We have reached our own self-limit of hunts we can book in advance until we can assess our bird hatch for 2008. This will first happen in June during wheat harvest and continue until we are past the heat and lack-of-water dangers of July and August. At this time, we are bringing our files up-to-date and contacting each hunting party with this information. Also, we have decided to raise our daily rate to 150.00/gun/day for the 2008-09 season so all new deposits must reflect this new rate. If your party has not determined a hunting date with us as of today, then when you call, I will place on a ‘waiting list’ and when or if dates come available, I will return contact and dates can be reserved on a first come basis.

If a date has been reserved with us for the next season and a minimum of four deposits has been received per group then there is no worry. However if a date has been spoken for and no deposits have been sent, then this is notice that those dates are now in jeopardy. I will need those deposits in hand no later than February 15 or the dates go back to open status and offered to any on our waiting list. If you have already mailed or left your deposits here we thank you for your promptness. I am comfortable for now with four deposits per group but I would stress to your hunting party to turn their deposit in as soon as available especially if you wish to prevent add-ons later. With the increased demand, I will ask that we try to come up with eight hunters per party to guarantee exclusiveness. By August, I will ask for all deposits in your party to be turned in. This will help you as party coordinator to determine who is serious and begin looking for a replacement. Deposits remain non-refundable but hunting dates can be re-scheduled or “rolled over” to the next season only.

Thank you for your patronage to Flynt Farms past and present and we look forward to continuing to offer to each of you a quality ‘truly’ wild bird hunt in the future.

Your Next Wing Guide,

Larry Flynt-Flynt Farms

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