Flynt Farms Upland Hunting

License Requirements:

Annual hunting or combination license, lifetime hunting or lifetime combination license, senior citizen hunting or senior citizen combination license or proof of exemption.

Annual hunting license, nonresident lifetime hunting or nonresident lifetime combination license or proof of exemption.  The nonresident 5-day hunting license is not valid for hunting pheasants.

Legal Means of Taking:
Shotgun, (conventional or muzzle loading), archery equipment,  hand-propelled missile, slingshot, legal raptors; and as otherwise provided under General Hunting Regulations.

Evidence of sex (head or one foot) must remain on the bird until it has reached its final destination.

Blaze Orange Requirements
When deer gun and the special antlerless deer seasons (in open zones) overlaps with pheasant season all pheasant hunters must conspicuously wear EITHER a head covering or an outer garment above the waistline, consisting of hunter orange.

Our home place
Our Home Place

Season Dates:

December 1, 2008 thru January 31, 2009

Bag Limit:

Cocks only - 2 daily, 4 in possession after first day, 6 in possession after second day. Persons who hunt in two states having separate daily bag limits may not exceed the largest number of birds that can legally be taken in one of the states in which they take birds.

Hunting Hourspheasant

Official sunrise to official sunset

Resident 2008-2009 License Cost

Resident Hunting
Annual resident hunting license is required for residents 18 to 64 years of age for small game hunting. Annual hunting license is required to hunt big game in addition to special licenses/permits unless exempt. See Hunting Regulations for Exemptions.       $20.00

Non-Resident 2008-2009 License Cost

Non Resident Hunting
A yearly small game hunting license for nonresidents of Oklahoma 14 years of age and over for hunting game. There are no exemptions for over age 64 or disability. Required to hunt pheasant and turkey, in addition to the appropriate turkey permit.                $137.00

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